Surface Air Lifted  
  Surface Air Lifted (SAL) is one more premium mailing service from India Post. SAL mail is faster than sea mail yet cheaper than air mail- an ideal combination of air and surface transport for quick and economical mail deliveries.

SAL mail will be Air Lifted between the country of origin and destination. However within the country of origin upto the office of exchange and in the country of destination from the office of exchange to the point of delivery, SAL mail will be transmitted by surface.

Salient Features

      SAL service is available for 39 countries worldwide

      The word SAL is to be clearly printed on top of the address side of SAL parcels.

      At Mumbai we offer the additional facility of custom examination at the time of booking itself. So no double handling          and packaging; if SAL mail is brought for booking to the Export Section of FPO Mumbai GPO Annex building

      SAL service shall be available in addition to the existing surface and air mail services.

      SAL mail can be booked from all post offices where surface parcels are booked at present.

SAL - Safe not sorry

      Insurance facilities are also available for parcels booked under SAL service

      All prohibitions for Air mail will also be applicable for SAL mail.

      SAL mail will go through all mandatory formalities applicable to Parcel Post.

This service is available for these countries -
1. Australia 2. Austria
3. Botswana 4. Brazil
5. Canada 6. China
7. Denmark 8. Egypt
9. Finland 10. France
11. Germany 12. Greece
13. Iran 14. Israel
15. Italy 16. Japan
17. Kenya 18. Malaysia
19. Mauritius 20. Mexico
21. Morocco 22. Netherlands
23. New Zealand 24. Norway
25. Portugal 26. Russian Federation
27. Saudi Arabia 28. Seychelles
29. Singapore 30. South Africa
31. Spain 32. Sweden
33. Switzerland 34. Thailand
35. U.A.E. 36. U.K.
37. U.S.A. 38. Zimbabwe
39. Usbekistan
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